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DPA 2019

On 25th November 2019, the Data Protection Act (DPA 2019) aiming to improve data protection for individuals across Kenya was enacted with immediate effect. 

Organisations, self-employed individuals and/or persons who handle personal data need to be compliant with the new legal requirements and should act immediately. Non-compliance carries hefty fines (millions) and imprisonment

Online Class


Churches, ministries and parachurch organisations collect and process personal data of their members, such as names, addresses, contact details, and even sensitive information like marital status or religious beliefs.




This webinar aims at equipping church, ministry and parachurch organisations leaders and staff (in Kenya) with awareness of how to comply with the law, protect personal information, build trust, mitigate risks, and ensure transparency in data processing. It also aims at imparting the necessary knowledge to handle personal data responsibly and maintain the privacy and trust of the members and the wider community

Binder and Files


This course is for anyone who handles personal data as part of their job in any way, shape or form.


Business owners who want to ensure that their organisation is compliant. 

The course is open to anyone who wishes to gain up-to-date knowledge of data protection legislation.

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Individuals:     Kshs 1,000
Teams:              Negotiable


Inclusive of: 

  • Certificate of Completion (Digital)

  • 3 months free Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and information governance consultation.

  • 1 month free data protection related legal advice.

Your investment

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